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YOKAI TALES Now Available From Incendia Books!


Yokai Tales: Stories From Japan’s Grand & Mysterious Tradition of Folklore
by D.C. McGannon & C. Michael McGannon
Illustrated by D.C. McGannon

Format: Paperback

Available exclusively from the publisher July 5, 2016

Price $8.99

Book Overview:

D.C. & C. Michael McGannon – Best-selling authors and hosts of The Monster Guys Podcast, Yokai Podcast, and Faerie Tales Podcast – share their love for Japanese folklore through this original collection of stories and art.

With a deep respect to the classics, while honoring modern storytellers and artists, D.C. & C. Michael McGannon are delighted to bring the whimsical and moving traditions of Japanese folklore to life.

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About The Art (from the Preface of the book):

Three words came to mind while I was sketching these yokai: playful, experimental, and a little bit of chaos.

I’ve never published any art before, so I am taking a big risk in doing so here. This is a new style for me altogether. I’m a doodler, a master of stick figures—at best. I am inspired by many modern yokai artists, but I wouldn’t be able to stand in the same room with them. People like Matthew Meyer (from – go see for yourself) and Mark T. Morse (from / Narrow Road with Zack Davisson) are legends in my eyes! My goal here, like our story-telling, was to have some fun and enjoy learning about these yokai even more through art.

I enjoy the whimsy and the danger that encompass these monsters and their stories, and so I attempted, on a very simple level, to capture some of that. When I observe some of the art that accompanies Japan’s classic folklore, I’m taken by its simplicity, and just how raw it is. I wanted to honor that tradition, and begin to explore these yokai even further myself through this medium.

The sketches are only a beginning, unfinished in a way, raw, playful. I ask you to join me in enjoying them as such. As I continue to journey deeper into Japanese folklore in the future, my art will undoubtedly follow that path.

For now, you will have to put up with someone who is like a kid sitting at a table, drawing out their favorite monsters with a pencil, and dreaming up wild stories to go along with them. I hope you enjoy them (and maybe draw some monsters yourself)!

D.C. McGannon, June 2016